The Second Librarian

I’m Priyanka, and I love reading.

Books have rescued me from some of the toughest times in my life, and made my good times even better. I’m a journalist who loves to socialise, but mostly, I find myself at home between the pages of a book. I find myself belonging to that fragrance that lies between an old or a new book – the musty and the freshly cut paper – that’s where you’ll find me at my best.

The books I talk about on this blog are the ones I have loved, liked, disliked and absolutely hated (that rarely happens, but well, it does!)

I have been joined by some of my friends as well who shall occasionally be sending their reviews of books too that I’d be posting here.

Do visit my BookTube The Second Librarian and Goodreads for more reviews.

You can reach out to me on or on my Instagram

Always happy to hear from fellow readers and connect! Happy Reading!

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