Highfire – By Eoin Colfer

Review – Spoiler Free

I waited for this book with such excitement and bought the e book because I had literally no patience to wait for even a day for this to get delivered. A dragon alive in Louisiana who loves Vodka Martinis and Netflix? HELL YEAH! This book seemed tailor-made for my love for Southern fiction. I raved about this for the longest time, and took me double the time to finish it. Was it worth it? Let’s find out

Plot –
Story revolves around a dragon who loves Netflix, hates Game of Thrones and loves his classy booze. However, every person (dragon) has an intriguing past. But ends up forming a bond with a misfit Cajun teen.

Squib Moreau, a teenager who lives in a swamp, really loves his mother and has severe daddy issues. Does odd jobs to make ends meet and tries his best to keep Regence Hooke (the exceptional pain in the hind through the book and the main and only antagonist) away from his Momma.
The world of Louisiana swamp has been crafted too well, so much that I ended up googling videos of the swamp homes and shacks only to find the accuracy of them to be a 💯

It’s about those who build walls around themselves and how the Universe has the funniest, most unimaginable ways of breaking them so you can grow.

Anywho, the plot has Squib meeting a dragon and a mogwai (find that out by yourself, totes worth it!). A bitter arrangement turns into reluctant friendship leading to more adventures that one can imagine. I love how the synopsis of the book gave nothing away and I was blown away by the way the plot wove through the swamps of relationships – both good and bad – and left me smiling by the end of it. It’s rough in parts with it’s own quirks, but still sweet.

Writing –
LOVE IT! It’s unlike anything I have read before. I practically read this in a Southern accent (at least tried to) and boy, oh boy is it a riot! I actually laughed through several instances in the book. The kind of insults and references are so unexpected, it’s tough not to chuckle once every few minutes.
The writing was quite smooth and easy and it’s real fun to understand the Southern slangs and the culture and somewhat even the much talked about hospitality. Eoin Colfer is Irish but I love this author for nailing the style of writing. I have not read the Artemis Fowl Collection but now I so intend to. This one is his first adult fiction book according to the reports and reviews, and I am glad I picked this up first.

Pace – Perhaps the only teensy complain I will have with this book is the pace. It started off too well, and about 20% of the book was pure breeze. Then, nothing happens. Nothing happens and nothing happens until 60% of the book – except inner monologues, past experiences and character assassination of the antagonist through his own eyes – I think the point was to get the reader to hate Hooke, but I already did. His backstory and inner monologues and plotting and plannings were tad too much in places.
However, EVERYTHING happens after 60% of the book is done. All my fantasies of a battle dragon venturing out and being himself – whilst forming unforgettable bonds throughout the book in the most adorable but – grossest ways in most parts – become possible.

Glass Half Empty – What could be better
The pace. That’s it. I wanted to finish this book in like 3-4 sittings max, but took me more than a month to finish it. But, worth it! I give this book a 4 just for pace.

What I loved – Umm… What was not to love? The plot is epic, characters are (too) well defined and there’s whole Louisiana vibe is amazing!

Rating – 4/5

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