How I avoid distractions while reading

So we’re all (still) in the middle of a pandemic, almost cozy in our homes as we’re fairly settled in the new lifestyle. The entire fad of being productive to deem yourself worthy in the eyes of others has also worn itself out. And there’s still a number of things that you’ve been meaning to do but not done. These are not necessarily productive things, but just something to fulfil your inner creativity or a thirst to learn more.

And we’re torn – whether to read that book, draw that picture, learn that new dance tutorial or while away on Netflix, scroll needlessly on instagram and obsess and compare over curated posts of others’ ‘perfect’ lives with ours.

I suppose I’ve done all of the above. And then come up with my own set of rules that help me read more – which is something I keep beating myself up over to do more of – and actually ended up doing it. Just gonna share a few tips and tricks on these which I have elaborated more on my video too.

  1. Disctraction: Phone

I either give it to my mom for safekeeping (yes!) or simply put it away at a corner of the house I do not access. Otherwise, I have a couple of apps like Aldiko and Amazon Kindle on the phone right in front of me to guilt-trip / tempt me to read another chapter if I have no access to a physical copy of the book or my kindle.

2. Distraction: Netflix

The toughest of all – watching a show or film is an easier gratification than any other forms of entertainment. From being the person who could finish a book a day (flexing is called for here okay?) to being the person who did not read for a whole year – this was a tough transition, but one I am grateful I went through.

I deleted my Netflix membership for a whole year to get my normal reading pace back. What also helped me was watching a show based on a book – in no particular order, but ultimately led me to reading the book that the show / film was an adaptation of.

3. Distraction: Games

Now, my brush with games has been limited to basic Android games and not the hardcore RPG stuff. But, somehow, all games are designed to be addictive. While uninstalling games was one solution for me to stop playing on my phone, but those who play on their XBoxes and Playstations, may have never thought about how reading can also be equally stimulating.

Reading High Fantasy and Horror (depending on the genre of games you love), can also be a fun ride to be on – albeit less interactive, but makes up for it on the world building front. I’ve given some recommendations in the video you can check out.

4. Existential Crisis

It’s real, guys! Staring at nothingness while only dreaming about doing something – not just reading, has become a 21st century hazard, especially with a large number or posts and contents drawing you in every 2 seconds, at some point it all can be distracting. And yet, the basic exhaustion of getting out of bed can be too much. Books should not get in the way of that, they’re meant as an escape through pages, not a compulsion you have to be shamed into.

So, if you’re reading and find yourself drifting off, change the book. My closure-loving head and heart cannot do this, but you can! Otherwise, there’s a lot of other options to explore in such cases – audiobooks being one of them!

I like listening to biographies and self-help books rather than reading them, but if you’re someone who likes to listen to something else, stories, or entire novels, take your pick!

Have a look at the video here:

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While I sound like a social media cynic, I truly feel that the new-age content we’re dealing with can be overwhelming. Here were some things I did that helped me read more. Hope that helped you! If you have other suggestions / distractions / other ramblings to share, do drop in and say hi!

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