The Secret v/s Power of the Subconscious: Which to pick?

Picking the right self help book to have a positive impact on your life can be tricky. And I have done my share of picking and choosing and DNF-ing. The 2 most popular SH books out there – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and The Power Of The Subconscious Mind (TPOTSM) by Dr Joseph Murphy – have been read by almost everyone I know. Even non readers prefer self help books cuz they’re easy to breeze through (ofcourse practising it is the task and that is subjective).

Both these books offer the same lesson – make your life more positive and balanced by changing the kind of thought process you have, but their approach differs widely.

The Secret focuses on the Law of Attraction while TPOTSM gives you a detailes insight on how your mind works. TS gives an inside-out approach – how one can attract things on the outside basis their actions that are guided by their thoughts, while TPOTSM goes for a more clinical and reasoned approach – learn how your mind works, train it, and go about thinking the happier things.

Here’s a short video too on it! Hope you enjoy!

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