Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This was such a fun book! I love retellings but don’t opt for them often cuz there might not be enough justice done to the story or it sometimes feels like the original may get tarnished cuz of how the characters are treated in a retelling. In case of Cinder, BRILLIANT work!

Cinderella as a cyborg, Prince being a slightly flawed, real being and the sisters also having a more humane angle to them rather than being the stereotypical cruel ones.

The set up for upcoming books is so well done. I might go ahead reading this series but it didn’t engage me enough to want to finish it in one go. But I shall, someday, return to it for sure. It’s light, yet character-driven and has a healthy plot. I wish I’d found it in my teens. I know I’d have loved it to the point of obsession. I’m in a space where I like my retellings tad darker than this. Still, it’s a great book to finish on a lazy afternoon.

Rating: 3/5

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