The Simoquin Prophecies by Samit Basu

My Rating – 4/5

Imagine all the high fantasy/fiction/mythological story reference woven together for a story that’s an entirely different entity of a story in itself. That’s Simoquin Prophecies for you.

Took me a while to finish this, but honestly it was worth savouring. The book is fresh and original and yet spoofs practically every trope and tales of fiction I grew up with.

I can’t write much without giving away spoilers or any else, but this is something unlike I have ever read. I’ve giggled through the most tense scenes and enjoyed it thoroughly. The quintessential hero, a fellowship that collects objects, the good guys vs bad, Harry-Ron-Hermoine stumbling around a forest, there’s so much in this book to spot I would read it again for the sheer spotting of these things.

It’s a whole adventure in itself. Highly recommend it. Samit Basu is so severely underrated I can’t emphasize it enough. Just one small complain I’d have is that I wish it were a tad shorter cuz it did get long-ish in places that I would habe to skim through the information overload. However that was perhaps the intent of the author to add some info+drama. Nonetheless I’ll get to the second part of the trilogy next soon enough.

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