Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese

I needed something rather light and relaxed and this was it. Plus, the book had representation too. the male protagonist is partially deaf and yet the story remains so beautiful.

I’ve not written a blog in such a long while I honestly feel like what is even the point of paying a bomb to maintain a website I am so shabbby with. But then I feel like this is what keeps me going on days when I am not feeling like I have done much in life, and books have rescued me forever from doom and despair. This book has a line.. “I would rather be afraid with you than fearless alone” and I suppose that applies true for me and books. It’s our love story that way.

Anyhoo, it’s a new year and new beginnings. I can be as candid as I want to be, and perhaps learn more tropes of blogging and monetize it. Anyone here to help, I’m a good student!

So, again, in the book. Chloe Liese is a goooood writer. I liked the book a lot, except it was predictable. I signed up for it though. I love the fact that there is a protagonist not perfect – both of them infact are not perfect. It really is a different sorta book where the man is woke, considerate and chivalrous. He is calm, she is fierce.

This book comes with a Spotify soundtrack link too. I mean, it was quite an experience TBH, listening to a soundtrack before / while diving into a chapter. When I was reading ACOTAR, I was busy making a Bollywood film out of it with songs that fit. This book does it for me except ofcourse I did not attempt to fit Hindi romantic songs in it.

It’s a good 2-3 sitting read and slow-burn frenemies-to-lovers romance. It’s fun. While I do not hate anything or even dislike anything about this book, I’m not gonna rate it more than a 3/5. Nothing against the author but I think I need romances more challenging at this age? I mean again, just like Cinder, I wish I had read this like in my teens or early twenties, although I think romance in itself is an ever-evolving genre so you never know when a new romance book blows my mind away. I did read goodreads reviews of this and they’re fabulous, I know. But again, this is a VERY different book than I have read and yet I felt like something was missing.

Perhaps the smut, it was okay. I mean I did expect more there honestly. But again, I am a PenDoug / JTG fan so I don’t think I was going to get more steam than I did. I enjoyed this book, yes. At times though I kept skimming through parts. Not the songs ofcourse but parts remained quite, QUITE predictable.

Yes definitely pick up this book, regardless of what kind of romance you like. While it did not click with me as much as I wanted it to, it might just click with you!

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