The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

This is an easy one. Bubbly but heartbroken Zahra meets ruthless but depressed Rowan. They meet in their office of Dreamland theme park where she’s an employee and he’s her boss.

There’s primal attraction between the two leading to a kiss not too long into the book. Rowan ends up texting Zahra as Scott – pretend employee at Dreamland who helps Zahra make presentations for Rowan. Zahra has no clue who Scott is and Rowan, too, is attracted to her.

So the whole premise is a romance set in a nice summery Florida space with amazing montages of the two having fun at the amusement park and the office as well. It’s like a rom-com screenplay.

Honestly, I had fun reading it. I wouldn’t go back to it cuz… Too many similar romances but this one is a fairy tale type book with a happy ending. It’s warm and fuzzy in the end as the two protagonists work things out with each other. Oooh and there’s some good spice too. Although not much, it does add more emotion to the story.

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