Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

It’s the poor man’s 50 shades… I think

I love good smut. This was like decent smut. I’ve read better but still decent smut.

I read this book because I just wanted to catch up to my Goodreads reading challenge since this is a short book. I finished this in like a day. It’s the first in a series of about 4-5 books. But would I read the other ones? No.


Chloe is an intern, Bennett is her boss. She’s hot and so is he. They hate each other but are attracted in a primal sexual way to each other. So they start with hate sex. Hot, but not my thing. Then they’re addicted to each other, all the while improvising (fighting) though their office dynamics. Ofcourse it gets romantic after a while, but this is like two adults behaving like horny teenagers. The two get involved in each other’s lives gradually, with this whole forced proiximity trope thrown in for the additional sexual tension.


Maybe I missed the point. The sex scenes, quite good! Otherwise, meh. Like any other smutty romance. It does have a proper plot though. It reads like a Mills & Boon but longer and with toooooooo much sex. I mean, seriously guys focus on the plot, maybe? I do not hate the book but it won’t really be my favourite. I cannot understand the hype behind it. It’s just another passing book that I might forget about soon.

Maybe I am kind of done with smut? Or just regular smut like this. Or I need a break from it. Don’t get me wrong I am a sucker for a good romance but this felt like fifty shades without the BDSM. And poorer protagonists. LOL.

That said, I do appreciate the sexually liberated characteristic of Chloe. Who in their early/mid 20s masturbates in front of their boss in his late 30s? I’m not being sarcastic, this is just a little new and odd to me. It could be normal to others. Again, I’m not against age-gap romances, just that this felt a little too… vulgar sometimes. The romance towards the end is the saving grace after tons and tons of angry, sad, stupidity sex.

It’s an okay book. Might have liked it more if I were younger and had not read enough smut, but it’s not bad per se. Can read it once. If you like it, go ahead with the series if office romances are your thing. I don’t regret it, just expected more out of it.

Rating – 3/5

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