I think, in the end, books find US, we’re mere mortals attempting to find the right piece of text to fill a certain space in our lives we want filled.

Michael Chrichton’s first book FOUND ME, than the other way round that I usually do. Timeline is about a group of archeologists/scientists who travel back in time to the 1300s to understand, well, history.
Just when it sounds all romantic, being among knights and dames, strolling through cobbled streets of the then-France, the book gets real. Everything, and but that, I mean EVERYTHING is out to kill you. A bunch of scientists from the 20th century are definitely considered foreigners, sorcerers and witches because well, it’s mediaeval France.
My heart was caught in my throat literally throughout the book as they all try to navigate their way through, and in the end plan an almost fatal escape. Everything in this book transported me back to that time, and for a WHOLE WEEK after reading this, I planned different escapes through the same scenario these guys went through, as if it were me with them.
The quantum and multiverse theory has been tackled in several books and TV series (#DoctorWho and #Fringe being my favorites) but Timeline, oh, this book is something elsewhere entirely. You’re gonna live through that century and pray that you don’t so much as breathe around Black Death, or be transported in the middle of war.
But I hope, if I am ever in that time, I meet André Marek someday, and ask him, is that what people do for love, what he did for Lady Claire?

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  1. paideia399 says:

    One of my favorite books! – T.D.


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